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Learn How to Deliver Training with the TotalSDI Suite of Assessments

Results are essential to your client work — the outcomes of your leadership consulting and executive coaching set you apart and define your success. You need thorough knowledge and practical tools to create a powerful learning experience.

Our TotalSDI Certification gives you the skills, knowledge and resources to facilitate meaningful learning and real change. You’ll discover how to use the TotalSDI suite of assessments to measure motives, engage strengths, address conflict and improve performance.

The TotalSDI suite features our award-winning assessments used by millions of managers and teams, as well as 90 of the Fortune 100 companies. Unlike other assessments and training tools, TotalSDI focuses on understanding what really drives performance, how leaders relate to others and how managers handle conflict.

Tools, Knowledge and Support

TotalSDI Certification includes everything you need to drive performance.

  • Award-Winning Assessments — Access the full suite of TotalSDI assessments to help your clients develop better leaders and more efficient teams.
  • Ongoing Support — Maximize TotalSDI tools and resources with the support of more than 4,237 partners worldwide.
  • Power of Choice — Build your brand to fit your approach and your clients’ needs.
  • Expert Knowledge — Receive training and certification to deliver TotalSDI effectively.
  • Discounted Pricing — Get instant access to new deals, offerings and updates.

Thorough and Practical

The two-day program fully prepares you to use the TotalSDI assessment suite to address issues such as engagement, teamwork, conflict management, effective coaching and leadership development.

During the workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to apply TotalSDI assessments in high-stakes situations and in conflict.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of personal motives and how they drive behaviors.
  • Reinforce TotalSDI concepts with practical exercises and engaging discussions.
  • Examine how to apply TotalSDI concepts in conflict management, performance coaching, comparative models and relationship-based 360-degree feedback with experiential exercises and practical applications.
  • Learn how to address low engagement, high turnover, onboarding and more.
  • Walk through administering and debriefing the feedback and expectations tools.
  • Create an action plan for growing your business.

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TotalSDI is the perfect suite of tools to help build a successful organization with your client. It’s easy to use and even easier to get started — in just two days you can be using TotalSDI to create meaningful, sustainable change with your clients.

Ready to deliver greater results for your clients and your business? Sign up today.


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Selecting the Right Assessment: Ten Criteria to Consider

Download the TotalSDI Solutions Overview:
  • Identify the strongest assessment for leadership development and team effectiveness training.
  • Discover one consultant's experience with TotalSDI as a foundation for high-stakes engagements.
  • Take a deep dive into ten major criteria to evaluate tools used in training programs.
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