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Everything You Need to Craft a Memorable Workshop

There’s a reason people say “use the right tool for the job” — because the outcome of a task depends on it. A true craftsperson doesn’t grab the nearest available wrench and start hammering nails with it. He or she uses a hammer, the exact piece made to produce the best possible results.

The same is true for your work. The outcome of your training program depends on what you use to accomplish it.

The TotalSDI Facilitator Manual is that precise tool, made to produce the best possible results — to develop better leaders, improve working relationships and build effective teams. The updated Fifth Edition is a comprehensive, all-in-one resource that makes it as simple and stress-free as possible to create meaningful learning experiences.

What’s Included

The Fifth Edition of the Facilitator Manual is more like a workshop in a book. It’s packed with everything you need to expertly motivate people, drive performance and build a thriving consulting business.

  • Facilitator Manual — the encyclopedic guide to building your own tailored program, complete with a TotalSDI overview, example program and personalized reports.
  • Supplemental Manual (NEW) — a separate Supplemental Manual contains additional activities to encourage participation and practice the concepts.
  • USB Drive — includes the latest PowerPoint deck, activity instructions, evaluation forms, marketing materials and more.
  • Electronic Resources — access LearnerSource to get personalized reports, and FacilitatorSource to set up classes, administer assessments and generate reports.

The manual itself is beautifully designed with glossy color images on premium paper. Sections are divided by vibrant cardstock tabs and include blank spaces for taking notes.

What’s Inside

The TotalSDI Facilitator Manual is organized into four sections for easy referencing.

The first section presents the TotalSDI suite and explains how to use the manual and additional resources. It also contains information useful to consultants, as well as guidance for debriefing individual assessments.

The next section features the Example Program, covering facilitator goals, learner objectives and suggested resources for training. It may be modified in content or duration to fit your needs and the needs of your clients.

The third section is the Appendix. It offers further reading on several important concepts, including the Relationship Awareness Theory, SDI and Strengths Portrait data, and additional measurement and evaluation tools.

The final section walks through each of the assessment results and includes personalized reports, as well as composite team reports. These serve as references while crafting your training program or when presenting training proposals to clients.

NEW! Supplemental Manual

The latest Facilitator Manual includes a separate Supplemental Manual with more exercises and activities to encourage participation, demonstrate the concepts and practice resolving conflicts. The manual walks you through exactly how to lead the exercises and offers suggestions for what to say, ask or discuss.

You can integrate these activities into your training program or use them as follow-up opportunities with groups you have already trained. The Supplemental Manual also includes examples of the paper assessments for reference when creating or presenting your training program.

Take the Next Step

The Fifth Edition of the TotalSDI Facilitator Manual combines proven learning methods, comprehensive material and strategic exercises to create a powerful training program, unlike any other today.

Stronger training means stronger results — for your clients and your business. Get the new TotalSDI Facilitator Manual today.


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